Enabling Connected Experiences

Using Axinom’s management platform service providers can create, manage and maintain the next generation of entertainment, infotainment, e-commerce, and connectivity services in a simplified, cost effective, and secure way.

Media in Motion

We empower customers to triumph in the growing multi-platform environment by quickly launching new entertainment in motion services and offering premium content to any device.

We’re thrilled to announce that Axinom is voted as one of the “101 companies that matter most in online video in 2015″!

The magazine Streaming Media Europe recently published their fourth annual list of companies chosen as having the greatest influence in the streaming media industry.

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Start your career at Axinom

We celebrate a culture of openness, collaboration, and connected thinking. Our goal is to create a place where all our employees are empowered to make impact both inside Axinom and in the world.

Axinom is one of the leading technology vendors with subsidiaries in Europe (Germany, Estonia, France) and North America (USA). Our solutions serve major brands in Aerospace, IT, Telco, Retail, and Media & Entertainment industry. At Axinom we continuously try to provide the best place for innovation and breakthrough ideas by connecting core values with the right mix of great minds and passions.

We always seek new team members for our international team. How about you?

Axinom Industry Solutions

Making something great on every platform requires both expertise and deep knowledge and understanding of customer requirements. That’s why axinom employs digital strategists and leading-edge technologists who understand every aspect of every platform, whether it be social, cultural, practical, or technical.