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Digital on your mind?

Challenges in creating seamless digital experience for passengers and crew

Passengers today live in a connected world. They love their convenience, their portable devices, and foremost a seamless, integrated experience. While the automotive industry is already embracing this digital transformation with electric drivetrains and smart cabins, the aviation industry has long struggled due to a lack of available technology and a stern regulatory environment. The latter has also made this vast and lucrative industry off-bounds for a number of innovative digital service providers.
Ancillary revenues constitute a large part of global airline revenues, which largely depends on the passenger experience. In the year 2018 alone, the airline industry netted USD 92.8 Billion through ancillary services, a whole 10.7% of the total industry revenue. With a very attractive CAGR of 18.5% over the period of 2019-2027 (Marketwatch), it’s foolish not to get a slice of this gold stream.


Chart of Ancillary Services
However, due to the strict nature of the aviation industry, technology adoption and provisioning external digital services through third-parties or vendors is a complicated and daunting task. Any provider aiming to enter the cabin with their digital offering not only has to tailor their applications for a specific server and device hardware, but also have to go through long certification cycles to get on-board. Hence, the industry direly needs a solution that can reduce the hassle of certifications, standardize the process of digital services management (own or vendor-supplied), and further deliver, deploy, and orchestrate them to the cabin.
The innovations in digital technologies now empower us to isolate the various services and manage them as UMS (User-Modifiable Software). Moreover, with containerization, any service can run on top of fragmented hardware with different specifications. Axinom, with its IFS (In-Flight Services) system, does just that and more. With Axinom IFS, airlines, integrators, and digital service providers can manage and serve innovative applications and compelling user experiences. The standardized technology stack also unites the various digital passenger, cockpit, cabin, and crew services.
Axinom IFS comprises all the required components for centralized management of own or third-party digital services, whether on-ground or on-board. It takes care of identification, access, and control of stakeholders; ingestion and management of services; delivery of services as well as backchannel data; orchestration and deployment of services to on-board servers and devices.
To ensure true isolation and separation from non-modifiable software, IFS encapsulates all applications and services in separate software containers. And, as extra measures of security, data is encrypted with industrial-grade encryption standards, with added redundancies on top. IFS also gives granular controls over each service’s execution, data access, and communication.
As for use cases, there are infinite. Airlines can build seamless connected experiences not just for passengers but also for their crew - from IFEC and smart cabins to IoT and predictive maintenance. For example, applications connected to CRM systems that allow for innovative e-commerce. Crew devices that would enable individual passenger insights to give them tailored service; greater operational efficiency through connected IoT systems that also allow for predictive maintenance.
Serving passengers at all touchpoints with tailored offerings is the key to make the integrated experience a reality.
  • Personalized IFEC services - IFEC that knows passenger likes and dislikes, and offers media, advertising, and e-commerce tailored to their taste.
  • Wireless services - Wireless Seatback IFE, Wireless IFE for BYOD scenarios, and full-service connectivity portals
  • Destination services - Pre-booking of the taxi, airport duty-free e-commerce, hotel bookings, tours, itinerary planning, travel guides, maps and more
  • Connected seats - Up-selling or cross-selling, seat-belt indications, health data, and more
  • Connected baggage and cargo - IoT enabled baggage bins, pet carriers, and environment controlled cargo
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