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Digital Cabin

Digitalize cabin experiences on-board transport vessels via a unified front that combines passenger, cabin, crew systems with ancillary services.

Enhance passenger interactions and maximize ancillary revenues by enabling smart cabins, IoT, connected seats, trolleys, and much more.

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Reduced complexities

Rapid, containerized deployment of services with standardized architecture reduces complexities and the need for certification, resulting in faster time-to-market.

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Granular control

Central management system with full control over service orchestration, deployment, resources, and interaction with system components.

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Innovative use-cases

Build unique passenger and crew experiences, generate ancillary revenues through seamless integration of on-board systems and third-party services.

Service Portfolio for Digital Cabins
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On-Board Cloud

Manage, deploy, and integrate software services and content on-board a transport vessel.

Axinom Sync service logo


Securely synchronize content and service data between on-ground and on-board servers with standardized protocols and channels.

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Delivery Set Service

Data, software package management, and configuration.

Axinom Fleet service logo


Target content sets, data, and service packages to a vessel or fleet of vessels.

Axinom Suppliers service logo


Management of suppliers, their access approval, certification status, and assigned keys.

Axinom Directory service logo


List of packages and files, which verifies assets of the Repository during syncing.

Axinom Messaging service logo


Message broker to define queues and to manage communication across services for reactive information transfer.

How it Works
Axinom On-board Cloud

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Axinom On-board Cloud Automotive

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