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Protect your premium content and valuable assets from video piracy with a highly scalable and secure content protection solution that supports multiple DRM technologies — Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay.

From encoding and encryption of content to packaging into adaptive formats, our services ensure that your video content is not only protected with the latest digital rights management and streaming technologies but also is ready to be viewed on any platform and device.

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Easy implementation and widest reach

A single easy-to-use Unified API for securing your live and VOD streams across the widest range of platforms and devices.

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Meet strictest requirements

Hollywood studio approved protection with hardware-level DRM support for securing 4K and higher quality content.

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Multi-key encryption

We support multi-key encryption of different renditions of the same content, making content protection more granular, flexible, and efficient.

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Worldwide license delivery network

We run a network of worldwide DRM license servers to enable low-latency license generation for your audience to enjoy desired content sooner.

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Never let your audience down

Designed to meet high volume traffic needs of live events through auto-scaling and guaranteed capacity with a 99.99% SLA.

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Our multi-tenant cloud solution is continuously updated with the latest content protection technologies and security features.

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