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Axinom Products
Building blocks for your digital solutions
Our standardized or customized solutions are built on our core products, covering all the components for seamless cloud-based or offline digital content workflows.
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Axinom Product Portfolio
Axinom products that take care of every step needed in the digital content and service supply chain.

Axinom Mosaic

Axinom Mosaic is a unique platform that standardizes all significant steps in the digital content supply chain workflows through independent yet connected services. It provides a seamless, automated, and convenient way to integrate various interfaces and services out of the box, either with your existing Axinom products or any third party systems.

Axinom DRM

Axinom DRM is a one-stop content protection solution for digital video content. The multi-DRM service, residing in-cloud or on-premises, supports the latest industry standards, including MPEG-DASH, Common Encryption, and Encrypted Media Extensions.

Axinom Encoding

Axinom Encoding reduces the technical challenges related to content preparation and distribution. It ensures seamless compatibility and playback on multiple platforms and devices by utilizing the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) and CENC.

Axinom On-Board Cloud

Axinom On-Board Cloud is a ground-breaking solution that brings the benefits of cloud aboard a transport vessel. Built on standardized architecture, Axinom On-Board Cloud facilitates the management and deployment of software services on a transport vessel.

The containerized and isolated execution of services gives full control and reduces certification requirements for the service running on top of the cloud. Moreover, the modular approach enables seamless integration with other Axinom or third-party components and provides much shorter development, deployment, and maintenance cycle.

Axinom Sync

Axinom Sync is a secure bidirectional content synchronization system built on standardized communication protocols and channels. The on-ground and on-board components ensure trouble-free data exchange between the vessel and the ground servers.

Axinom Sync is built to transfer data quickly, securely, and reliably in all environments. Any digital services, content, data types, such as movies, live streams, updates, on-board logs, shop information, purchase orders, payments, and advertisements, can be securely transferred between the servers and devices.