Taqnia Space Selects Axinom Live TV for its New UON Service


India's largest OTT platform for digital entertainment powered by Axinom.

MEDIA: EntertainTV with Sky

Axinom collaborated with Sky Germany and Deutsche Telekom to bring Sky On Demand to EntertainTV, the 2nd generation IPTV platform of Deutsche Telekom.

Lufthansa Systems Wireless In-Flight Entertainment

Lufthansa Systems relies on Axinom’s competence for the development of the award-winning in-flight entertainment system (IFE) BoardConnect.

Digital Platforms Built on Axinom

We reinvent the way people consume media and services at home, at work and while traveling.
Axinom products are the core foundation of digital platforms in different vertical markets.

Media in Motion

We empower customers to triumph in the growing multi-platform environment by quickly launching new entertainment in motion services and offering premium content to any device.


We provide the core technology necessary for building highly reliable In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFEC) software solutions, allowing customers and service providers to create, manage, and maintain the next generation of entertainment, infotainment, e-commerce, and connectivity services in a simplified, cost-effective, and secure way


Digital platforms built on Axinom’s product portfolio enable customers to launch their OTT and IPTV service offerings across all modern devices with unlimited scalability, to serve millions of households around the globe with huge content libraries

Axinom’s technology enables innovative solutions across multiple industry verticals.


Discover the latest and the most interesting events that happen at Axinom
and in the world of innovative technologies.

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