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Axinom Media Solutions
Scalable solutions for entertainment, media, broadcast, and OTT
Axinom is a leading digital solutions provider in the media and entertainment industry, serving the industry with scalable and robust products for content processing, management, delivery, and protection.

We enable the biggest names in media, broadcast, and telecommunications to reach global viewership of millions.
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Article · 09 Aug 2020
Building Content Management From Scratch
Providing an easy way to build complex media backends through an array of independent services that allow customization and caters to every step of the media supply chain.
Article · 29 Jul 2020
CMAF: One Format To Rule Them All
The video industry has seen numerous shifts in video processing and delivery technology in the past decade with the ultimate goal always being reduction of complexity and overall file size. Does CMAF answer all those questions?
Article · 20 Jul 2020
3 Reasons Why Business Innovation Matters in OTT
With the streaming market heating up, it is really important to Bring business innovations through technology in the OTT industry.
Article · 29 Jun 2020
Decoupled Yet Integrated: Microservices For Digital Content Platforms
Content management from monolith architecture to standardized or customized microservices.
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Axinom Media Solutions
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