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Digital Rights Management
A robust multi-DRM solution for your content protection needs.
We take the complexity out of DRM by providing a single easy to use Unified API for all your DRM needs regardless of DRM technology, platform or video player used. Our solution works in online as well as offline environments.
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Multi-DRM Support with Single API
Axinom DRM ensures the widest possible compatibility with support for major DRM technologies.
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Icon Hardware support
Hardware-level DRM support
In addition to software-based DRM, we support the highest level of DRM protection - hardware-level DRM. This level of protection needs supporting playback hardware to enable it.
Icon Full support
Full platform support
Axinom DRM supports a wide range of playback platforms and devices. Smartphones (iOS and Android), smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, and more are all natively supported.
Icon Oscar
Hollywood studio approved
We have worked closely with Hollywood studios to ensure that our DRM solutions adhere to their highest security requirements.
Icon Worldwide
Worldwide license delivery network
We run a network of worldwide DRM license servers to enable low-latency license generation - your audience gets to enjoy desired content sooner!
Icon Unified API
Unified API
Our Unified API allows customers to select the best approach for each platform without requiring significant new development or loss of functionality regardless of the platform.
Icon Support Latest Standards
Support for the latest standards
The service supports the latest media standards including CMAF, MPEG-DASH, Common Encryption (CENC), and Encrypted Media Extensions.
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Axinom DRM
On-Board / Offline Deployment
On-board / offline scenarios present an unique set of problems when content protection is involved. Be it aircraft, busses, trains, ferries or cruise ships - Axinom DRM is specifically designed with those scenarios in mind.

Axinom DRM on-board / offline was the first multi-DRM product validated by Hollywood studios for operating in a disconnected fashion.
Axinom DRM Local

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BYOD support
Axinom DRM offline/on-board supports bring your own device (BYOD) for passengers. Passengers can use their own devices to consume your entertainment content.
Icon Growth
App free entertainment content
We support CMAF video specification which is the technology enabling app and plug-in free encrypted media playback in the most popular browsers.
Icon Built
Extremely resource friendly
Built to run on low profile hardware with low resource consumption and without any need for cooling.
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Secure and independent
The DRM was developed specifically for operating on-board vessels with the elevated security requirements that come with on-board hardware in mind
Axinom DRM
A multi-DRM service in the cloud built on the latest standards and with a globally distributed cloud deployment spanning several public cloud providers for added security and zero-downtime guarantees.
Axinom DRM

Supported DRM technologies
  • Google Widevine
  • Microsoft PlayReady
  • Apple FairPlay
Supported formats/standards
  • CMAF
  • Common Encryption (CENC)
  • Encrypted Media Extensions
BYOD support
  • All major browsers with the support of CMAF
  • Smartphones (Android & iOS)
  • Tablets (Android & iOS)
  • Smart TVs
  • Casting (Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast)
  • Game consoles
  • Set-top boxes, OTT