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FAST Channels

Manage, monetize, and distribute curated FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels to the masses with Axinom Mosaic, a one-stop modular solution for all the backend flexibility and modularity.

Create FAST channels with or without advertising. Manage cue points and assets, repurpose and monetize your video library into curated linear streams for different tastes and genres.

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Editor Friendly

Empower your editors with a simple unified UX to create channels/playlists, assign programs, insert cue points, and transform your video libraries into ad-supported linear streams.

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Broadcast quality channels

Create and schedule FAST channels to match broadcast experiences. Set up pop-up channels to hype up major events and content or just test the waters.

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Limitless scalability

Spin up unlimited channels from live, linear, or on-demand content with maximum device and platform reach through cloud-native technology.

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Customize and control

Offers you a high degree of customizability and control to define your unique channel experiences, whether it be ad-supported or other modes of channel monetization.

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Monetize with ads

Monetize your channels with server-side ad insertion, open to both own or third-party ad exchanges for dynamic ad insertion.

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Comprehensive content protection

End-to-end content protection, including encoding, encryption, watermarking, multi-DRM protection, and identification.

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Channel Management

FAST channels and metadata creation and management.

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Cue Point

Ingest, insert, and manage cue points, e.g., for ads.

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VOD-to-Live Service

VOD asset to linear stream stitching and conversion.

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