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On-Board Content Protection

Secure your premium content on transport vessels with an on-board content protection solution designed for disconnected environments.

It ensures content protection on the widest range of devices by supporting multiple DRM technologies through a unified API.

Studio graded protection icon

Studio graded protection

First multi-DRM product with APEX compliance and Hollywood studios approved for operating in a disconnected fashion.

Easy implementation icon

Easy implementation

A single easy-to-use Unified API for securing live and VOD streams across the widest range of platforms and devices.

Multi-key encryption icon

Multi-key encryption

We support multi-key encryption of different renditions of the same content, making content protection more granular, flexible, and efficient.

Extensive device support icon

Extensive device support

Secures premium content across all types of on-board devices, including seatback screens and PEDs.

App free entertainment icon

App free entertainment

Common media format capability enables app and plug-in-free encrypted media playback in most popular browsers.

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Built to run on passive cooled low-profile hardware and servers with significantly low resource signature.

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