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Data Transfer and Sync

Transfer your content, data, and digital services quickly and securely on-board transportation vessels with a robust bidirectional data transfer and synchronization solution.

Manage and control all aspects of data synchronization, including uploading- and offloading data and connection pipes (LAN, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, LTE, satellite networks).

Data-type agnostic icon

Data agnostic

There is no limitation on types of content and data that can be synchronized. It can be digital services such as IoT or IFEC content.

Incremental updates icon

Incremental updates

Lowers the amount of data and time needed for transfers by comparing content sets and updating only the differences.

Bidirectional data flow icon

Bidirectional data flow

Supports bidirectional flow of data, whether it be IFE content or data generated on-board like system health data.

Secure transfer icon

Secure transfer

Both data and services are encrypted on the fly to ensure secure data transfer both ways.

Interruption management icon

Interruption management

Handles disconnections seamlessly by allowing the use of content already synchronized and continuing updates once connectivity is available.

Data redundancy and recovery icon

Data redundancy and recovery

Extends the safety of the data from accidental corruption or loss through redundancy by maintaining multiple copies of the data in separate places.

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Service Portfolio for Data Transfer and Sync
Axinom Content Set service logo

Delivery Set Service

Data, software package management, and configuration.

Axinom Fleet service logo


Target content sets, data, and service packages to a vessel or fleet of vessels.

Axinom Sync service logo


Securely synchronize content and service data between on-ground and on-board servers with standardized protocols and channels.

Axinom On-Board Cloud service logo

On-Board Cloud

Manage, deploy, and integrate software services and content on-board a transport vessel.

How it Works
Axinom Data Transfer and Sync
Axinom Data Transfer and Sync
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