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On-Board Entertainment

Build powerful in-flight entertainment systems with robust products for managing, synchronizing, deploying as well as protecting premium content.

Explore a variety of in-flight entertainment scenarios such as seatback, wireless IFE, and PEDs.

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Standardized and modular

Modular backend system for IFE, with a standardized and agnostic approach towards hardware and operating systems.

Wireless infrastructure icon

Built for Wireless

Truly wireless experience either on seatback screens or PEDs to minimize operational costs and create seamless passenger engagement.

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Centralized management

A central system to ingest, manage, protect, publish, and target content and services to aircraft or fleet, based on airline requirements.

Robust synchronization icon

Robust synchronization

Bidirectional data synchronization of data and content packages using a variety of connection pipes (LAN, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, LTE, satellite networks).

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Security focus

Highest security through encrypted data synchronization, isolated deployment, and DRM protection of media assets.

Service Portfolio for On-Board Entertainment
Axinom Encoding service logo


Ingest, encode/transcode videos utilizing technologies such as CMAF (DRM supported).

Axinom DRM service logo


Protect your digital video assets with a multi-DRM solution that can be implemented on the cloud or on-premise.

Axinom On-Board Cloud service logo

On-Board Cloud

Manage, deploy, and integrate software services and content on-board a transport vessel.

Axinom Image service logo


Ingest, query, preview, manage and transform images for editing and frontends.

Axinom Sync service logo


Securely synchronize content and service data between on-ground and on-board servers with standardized protocols and channels.

Axinom Localization service logo


Manage languages and create translations for your digital media assets.

Axinom Monetization service logo


Create business models like AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, manage regions, pricing, and currencies.

Axinom Media service logo


Manage video assets and metadata for TV shows, movies, linear streams, etc.

Axinom Content Set service logo

Content Set

Create and manage sets of TV shows, movies, linear channels, shop content for vessels, fleets, etc.

Axinom Content Set service logo

Delivery Set Service

Data, software package management, and configuration.

Axinom Fleet service logo


Target content sets, data, and service packages to a vessel or fleet of vessels.

Axinom Catalog service logo


Manage and display catalogs of video assets such as TV show seasons, movie genres, etc., on frontend apps.

Axinom Media service logo


Process TVOD, subscription transactions, and automatic billing through API and frontend integrations.

Axinom User service logo


Sign-up end-users with user authentication APIs for all your frontend apps.

Axinom Entitlement service logo


Manage content entitlement and rights of subscribers.

Axinom Personalization service logo


Store and collect data pertaining to user preferences, favorites, subscriptions, and watch history.

Axinom Suppliers service logo


Management of suppliers, their access approval, certification status, and assigned keys.

Axinom Directory service logo


List of packages and files, which verifies assets of the Repository during syncing.

Axinom Messaging service logo


Message broker to define queues and to manage communication across services for reactive information transfer.

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