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Enterprise Development Program’s incentive measure’s projects:

  1. EU51658 “Product Centered Development” during the period 4.07.2017 — 31.10.2018.
  2. During the project, Axinom develops its products to the next level, significantly increases the sales, and grows organically creating new job opportunities and supporting the local market. In the framework of the project, the activities of the first phase of the company’s development plan will be implemented according to the application and its annexes, the budget of the project, and the action plan.
  3. EU60242 “Axinom’s Product Development for Transportation Solutions (COVID-19)” during the period 01.09.2020 — 31.01.2022.
  4. Axinom will create an software platform for the transportation industry. It will be an ecosystem of several highly integrated services developed by Axinom, available for further integrations with third parties. The modular platform, built on Axinom components, will facilitate the management, synchronization of data, media, and logs between systems. The platform will also install the services on-board a vessel and allow consumption of media by passengers.
    During the program Axinom is granted an amount of EUR 366 255.
  5. EU53317 “Axinom foreign trade fair grant” during the period 01.03.2019 — 31.08.2023.
  6. Axinom participates in trade fairs where the company exhibits its products and increase its international competitiveness. The aim is to expand its network of contacts and increase its export capacity.
    During the program Axinom is granted an amount of EUR 50 000.