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Case Study

Mansa Leveraged Axinom Mosaic to Craft A Bespoke Streaming Platform

Mansa, the first platform that celebrates Black voices and content used Axinom Mosaic to build a scalable backend to reach global viewers.

Customizing and launching a streaming service always implies facing unique challenges since every bespoke platform has its architecture. For the team behind Mansa, a platform focused on making Black stories more widely available, it involved finding the right technology, growing an audience, and managing scale — all while making the numbers work. Mansa could launch its streaming platform in just eight months by leveraging the base template, technology stack, and Axinom Mosaic documentation.

Balancing cost-effectiveness and time-to-market is key

Mansa is a VC-backed streaming platform with Black talent at its helm, including actor David Oyelowo, director Nate Parker, and actor Chiké Okonkwo. The team of co-founders is completed with Zak Tanjeloff, an entrepreneur and angel investor focused on entertainment, finance, and technology. One of the first development priorities of the Mansa in-house team was to source the right technology provider that could enable them to build the platform quickly and at a reasonable cost.

“It was pretty clear to us that Axinom was used to working with technical startups, with people who wanted to understand, learn, and engage,” says Nigel Griffin, Director of Engineering at Mansa.

Mansa architecture
Axinom Mosaic in the Mansa Use-Case

Customizability is a top concern while developing a new content platform

For the Mansa team, the development focus of Axinom Mosaic was reflected in the customizability of the code, the quality and depth of documentation, and the responsiveness to questions when technical issues arose. The in-house team leveraged the flexible architecture of Axinom Mosaic to expand the capabilities of their backend to support the integration of third-party services, a quality not found in turnkey streaming solutions.

“The black box thing is just not valuable because it assumes that the business is static but it is always changing and evolving,” explains Marc McCole, Chief Product Officer at Mansa.

How Axinom Mosaic supports ongoing backend development

Now that the Mansa streaming platform is live, the in-house team’s work continues as technical requirements and business goals evolve. Axinom Mosaic has enabled the in-house team to build a flexible workflow ready to scale. The in-depth documentation of Axinom Mosaic has helped Mansa develop its internal resources further to integrate best-of-breed services and build the components required to expand the platform.

The transparency of the Axinom Mosaic architecture enables the Mansa team to make sense of their technical opportunities by providing them complete visibility, control, and ownership over every aspect of their steaming backend.

As Mansa continues to work on its mission to increase Black representation in streaming and enters new markets, it plans to leverage the technology stack of Axinom Mosaic further to deal with issues regarding localization and scaling. By choosing Axinom Mosaic as a key technology provider, the team behind Mansa can continue building a service that offers top Black content to communities worldwide.

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