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Axinom DRM
The Challenging World of 4K HDR
4K HDR is the highest quality video content ever released for public consumption. With it come the highest demands for content protection with both software and hardware limitations. Learn more about 4K content playback and content.
Press Release
Axinom announces multi-DRM API integration with AWS
Axinom, announces an API integration between Axinom DRM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elemental MediaConvert and AWS Elemental MediaPackage.
Axinom DRM (Cloud)
Axinom DRM (cloud) is a highly scalable multi-DRM service in the cloud built on the latest standards including CMAF, MPEG-DASH, Common Encryption and Encrypted Media Extensions.
Axinom DRM (Offline)
Axinom DRM (offline) on-board entertainment scenarios in planes, trains, busses, and ships. It was the first multi-DRM product able to operate in a disconnected fashion enabling premium video on board of the vessels.
Protecting Video Across Platforms and Devices
Learn about current DRM technologies, the various elements of DRM, and the challenges in choosing a DRM service
Press Release
First Production CMAF File Format in Aerospace
We're proud to be the first digital solutions provider in the aerospace industry to provide a production common media file format (CMAF) with common encryption for app-free browser-based IFE.
Protecting Your Content With The Right DRM
Choosing the right combination of DRM technology and support for playback devices doesn't need to be difficult.
Delivering 100000 DRM Licenses Per Second
Solving the DRM scalability challenges and serving 100k licenses per second.
Building Content Management From Scratch
Providing an easy way to build complex media backends through an array of independent services that allow customization and caters to every step of the media supply chain.
OTT as a Source of Growth and Revenue for Telcos
Telcos are on the lookout for alternate revenue models. One such source can be a global OTT platform. Building an OTT platform, requires a solution that has end-to-end workflow capability.
Introduction to the multi-DRM world on the platform side
CMAF: One Format To Rule Them All
The video industry has seen numerous shifts in video processing and delivery technology in the past decade with the ultimate goal always being reduction of complexity and overall file size. Does CMAF answer all those questions?