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Protecting Video Across Platforms & Devices Fundamentals of Digital Video Protection
What you learn from this whitepaper:

The theft or piracy of video content has existed since the advent of motion pictures. The fight against this larceny has also been a continued endeavor in many forms. But, theft of digital video has reached an unprecedented scale and is costing Hollywood studios a good chunk of their revenues. Protecting digital video across platforms and devices has become a challenging task owing to the many technologies and vendors in the industry.

This whitepaper introduces and investigates the current DRM technologies, the various elements of a DRM service, and the challenges faced by providers while choosing a DRM service.
Whitepaper Image
In this whitepaper you’ll learn:
  • The history of video theft
  • What is DRM?
  • Various elements of DRM service
  • Challenges faced while selecting a DRM service
  • Other elements for protection besides DRM
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