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31th March, 2021
Digital Rights
Management Demystified
Common Issues and Solutions
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Key Highlights
Studio Requirements
How to meet strict studio requirements for content protection?
Client State
State of client support
Protection of linear streams and live content
DRM Integration
Integrating DRM in your content supply-chain

With the tremendous growth of video streaming and cord-cutting, the complexities of delivering the service to end-consumers have also grown multi-folds. One of those growing requirements is the need to secure and protect video content. Choosing and implementing the right DRM technology with the right video player for the different platforms can tricky.

Join Johannes Jauch, CTO, Axinom, and Pieter-Jan Speelmans, CTO, THEO Technologies, for this information-packed webinar. They’ll guide you through several real scenarios of meeting studio guidelines, understanding different DRM technologies, and the player considerations.
Johannes Jauch Portrait
Johannes Jauch
CTO, Axinom
As the leader of the technology team, Johannes is responsible for defining the technological trail Axinom blazes.

He works to empower organizations in understanding and leveraging Axinom products and solutions to solve real-world issues such as content piracy, revenue protection, scalability of services, and much more.
Johannes Jauch Portrait
Pieter-Jan Speelmans
CTO, THEO Technologies
Pieter-Jan is the Founder and the head of the technical team at THEO Technologies. He is the brain behind THEOplayer, HESP and EMSS.

With a mission to ‘Make Streaming Video Better Than Broadcast’, he is innovating the way video is delivered online from playback all the way to ultra low latency streaming. Pieter-Jan is committed to enable media companies to easily offer exceptional video experience across any device.