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Content Protection Technologies: What Lies Ahead

Investment into original streaming content increased by over 10 times in the last five years, according to Insights from Ampere Analysis. The research firm also projects that the streaming industry will spend $230 billion on content in 2022. The need for a solid content protection strategy to secure these investments has never been more critical.

We compiled the State of Content Protection Technologies report to understand the requirements and the technology strategies media businesses have today. It also uncovers the trends, advancements, and what the industry expects over the next few years. Here is a snapshot of the industry report.

Content Protection Technologies: What Lies Ahead

An Ideal Content Protection Solution

Axinom’s content protection solution is the ideal companion for customers that serve multiple platforms and devices. It is highly scalable and supports multiple DRM technologies - Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay. The solution’s comprehensive ecosystem of products offers end-to-end content processing and protection, including encoding, encryption, watermarking, multi-DRM protection, and identification. Our customers enjoy a faster time to market on the broadest range of environments (OTT, broadcast, set-top boxes, etc.) with guaranteed maximum availability.

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