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Trends Shaping OTT, Media, and Streaming in 2020
What will the year 2020 being to the dynamic OTT and media industries? Read and find out!
The Challenging World of 4K HDR
4K HDR is the highest quality video content ever released for public consumption. With it come the highest demands for content protection with both software and hardware limitations. Learn more about 4K content playback and content.
A Modern CMS for Global OTT
An in-depth look behind the scenes of what it takes to run and manage a global OTT platform and the technology powering it.
Press Release
Axinom announces multi-DRM API integration with AWS
Axinom, announces an API integration between Axinom DRM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elemental MediaConvert and AWS Elemental MediaPackage.
Building Live OTT
Love OTT platforms are complex systems with many individual components that take care of complex tasks ranging from receiving the stream from vendors to serving it to the end-user devices. Learn what it takes to to make live OTT a reality.
Case Study
Creating a Niche
Amidst the current era of massive streaming platforms, a Dutch media company is building niche streaming services with content tailored for their audiences.
Axinom DRM (Cloud)
Axinom DRM (cloud) is a highly scalable multi-DRM service in the cloud built on the latest standards including CMAF, MPEG-DASH, Common Encryption and Encrypted Media Extensions.
Axinom DRM (Offline)
Axinom DRM (offline) on-board entertainment scenarios in planes, trains, busses, and ships. It was the first multi-DRM product able to operate in a disconnected fashion enabling premium video on board of the vessels.
Press Release
Dutchchannels chooses Axinom to power it's digital platforms
DutchChannels, an aspiring Dutch native media streaming company launches niche streaming platforms built on Axinom CMS, VIP, and DRM products as an end-to-end solution.
Axinom CMS
Axinom CMS has enabled prominent media, broadcast, and telecommunication organizations reach a global audience with their content. Learn how we can help you!
Metadata: Key to Value Generation in OTT
Data is empowering organizations and entire industries, the media and OTTindustries are no different. Metadata drives user experience, navigation, discovery, recommendations, and most importantly monetization.
OTT Personalization at Scale
Having the best content available is no guarantee for success in the OTT business. Personalization, localization, scalability, country specific payment methods, subscription plans, and more pay a huge role.
The Monetization Dilemma In OTT
In the OTT industry, many publishers and content creators are betting high on creating ever more premium content. The tricky part is making that money back.
Press Release
ZEEL chooses Axinom to power its new digital platform, ZEE5
Zee, a leading international media company of Indian origin has selected Axinom as the preferred supplier to build their streaming platform called Zee5.
Delivering 100000 DRM Licenses Per Second
Solving the DRM scalability challenges and serving 100k licenses per second.
Decoupled Yet Integrated: Microservices For Digital Content Platforms
Content management from monolith architecture to standardized or customized microservices.
Building Content Management From Scratch
Providing an easy way to build complex media backends through an array of independent services that allow customization and caters to every step of the media supply chain.
Bringing Extensibility to Frontends
Development of complex and feature-rich frontends for large platforms is as challenging as backend development and similarly can end up in monoliths. How can the benefits of microservices be extended to frontends with easy development, deployment, testing?
The Evolving OTT Landscape
Expert-Built or BIY: Choosing your OTT Strategy
Take Your Entertainment Content Across Borders With OTT Solutions That Scale With Your Audience
Introduction to the multi-DRM world on the platform side
OTT as a source of growth and revenue for Telcos
OTT on the rise
The Story of OTT Content
Top trends shaping OTT in 2019
3 Reasons Why Business Innovation Matters in OTT
With the streaming market heating up, it is really important to bring business innovations through technology in the OTT industry
CMAF: One Format To Rule Them All
The video industry has seen numerous shifts in video processing and delivery technology in the past decade with the ultimate goal always being reduction of complexity and overall file size. Does CMAF answer all those questions?
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Axinom products solve the complex digital challenges related to digital services and content preparation, management, delivery, security, and deployment. Our solutions power the biggest names in the transportation and media industry.

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