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glomex selects Axinom DRM to safeguard its videos

Axinom DRM secures content for glomex, a ProSiebenSat.1 subsidiary that collaborates with renowned content providers and licensors.

Fuerth, August 2023 - glomex, a ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE subsidiary and leading premium video marketplace in the German-speaking world, has chosen Axinom DRM to protect its content. The media pool of glomex is one of the largest in the German-speaking market, with more than 1 million videos from TV broadcasters, external licensors, and premium brands.

With a catalog in constant growth, glomex needed a multi-DRM service that offered service flexibility, ensured the protection of premium VoD across devices, and could manage peak demand. The search of glomex ended with the integration of Axinom DRM into their content workflow.

“Axinom DRM is designed to fulfill the needs of content platforms that manage premium content with high demand and have a complex distribution system,” explained Axinom CTO Johannes Jauch. “Our multi-DRM enables platforms to deliver up to 100,000 licenses per second and offers secure delivery across devices since it is compatible with PlayReady, FairPlay, and Widevine.”

"It is crucial that we protect our premium content and allow our customers to syndicate their complete content portfolio. Having Axinom multi-DRM integrated into our platform is reassuring since it allows us to secure the content across many platforms and devices of viewers. The integration of Axinom DRM was straightforward and our teams were able to do the integration within a couple of days." - Deno von Selasinsky, CTO glomex

Recently, glomex leveraged the technical capabilities of Axinom DRM to manage the protection of premium content in Greece, in the context of their partnership with Phaistos Networks. As part of Phaistos Networks' long-standing collaboration with ANTENNA Group, ANT1, the leading TV broadcaster in Greece and ANT1+, its streaming platform, used glomex to upload and distribute video highlights of the Soccer World Cup held in Qatar to over 220 premium Greek websites.

“Axinom played a pivotal role in facilitating the successful delivery of 60 million distribution licenses for video highlights in Greece, via glomex. This stands as a significant milestone for the greek market and served as an essential element in safeguarding and securely distributing the official content of this major sporting event”, stated Ioannis Charkiotakis, COO at Phaistos Networks.

By integrating Axinom DRM, glomex has found an effective way to protect its extensive video library and keep offering excellent service availability to its vast network of content providers

About glomex

glomex is the leading video marketplace in the German-speaking region for online distribution and marketing of premium video content. The range of content currently comprises more than 1 million videos from prestigious licensors such as TV stations and news agencies.

About Axinom

Axinom is an innovation leader that provides the building blocks for developing video streaming platforms. Media, broadcast, and telecommunications organizations worldwide use Axinom products to solve the complex challenges of preparing, managing, securing, and providing premium video content.

Axinom’s unique portfolio, Axinom Mosaic, enables streamlined and tailored development through an array of managed and open-source services, covering all critical digital workflows of encoding, content management, security via Axinom DRM, and monetization.

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