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Greiner aerospace and Axinom enter into a joint-development agreement

A major challenge facing the airline industry is airport turnaround time. For increased performance and decreased costs, airlines are constantly looking for ways to shorten the time spent on-ground. Any solution that helps save time and is able to accurately predict the maintenance needs of an aircraft is greatly appreciated in the industry.
Seat cushions are a part of the aircraft that perhaps see the most use of anything on-board. Passengers are in direct physical contact with them which leads to immense wear and tear. Assessing cushion usable life is hard to achieve and thus they are all replaced at once during scheduled maintenance.
All of the above leads to prolonged downtime and cushions with usable life left being replaced. To combat this problem, Greiner aerospace is moving into the IoT space with intelligent connected cushions.
“Greiner is first and foremost a world-renowned airline seating expert. For our move into connected cushions, we needed a capable and industry-approved technology partner. We found that partner in Axinom. They have proven their expertise, skills, and ability to deliver complex aerospace specific software over the many years they have been involved in the industry.” Norbert Hessenberger, Innovation & development manager, Greiner Aerospace
The Greiner Intelligent Seat
The Greiner Intelligent Seat prolongs the usable life of seat cushions and reduces time spent in maintenance. At the heart of it are its predictive maintenance capabilities - the ability to accurately predict the usable life-cycle of seat cushions. Due to their connected nature, airlines can query the condition of the seat cushions and forward a status report to the maintenance staff who can take appropriate action if and when needed.
Be it ordering needed replacement parts, scheduling longer future maintenance or replacing cushions on a one-by-one basis as needed. Having an overview and ability to plan maintenance based on actual need significantly reduces downtime and simplifies handling and logistics.
Other use cases for these sensors include passenger physical wellbeing. As passengers have constant contact with the embedded sensors, the data gathered can be used to analyze passenger seating position and to give tips on better posture and avoiding fatigue among various other use cases.
About Greiner aerospace
Greiner aerospace has made an international name for itself as a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for aircraft seats. At eight locations in Europe, the USA and China, Greiner aerospace produces cushions and covers for aircraft seats which are supplied to all the prestigious seat manufacturers and airlines worldwide.
Individual products, components, and assemblies for short- and long-haul aircraft – from economy class to first class – are manufactured specifically to the customers' requirements. The company’s core competence is comprehensive customer service from material selection, prototype construction and fire tests to the series production of seat cushions and covers for aircraft, both as original equipment and also in the spare parts business.
Greiner aerospace currently employs a workforce of 510 worldwide and generated sales of EUR 43,7 million in 2018.
About Axinom
Axinom is an aerospace technology company that combines years of expertise, technology, and innovation to solve complex digital challenges in the aerospace industry. The company is considered a market leader in on-board software & services as well as moving data and content between on-ground and on-board.
Axinom provides a unique portfolio of digital products that serve many use-cases. Use cases such as traditional and wireless IFE, IoT, predictive maintenance, live TV, connectivity portals, crew services, and many more. Our custom solutions can be easily integrated with existing systems and services. These integrations open up new avenues for personalization and ancillary revenues creation.
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