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Axinom and Partners Successfully Collaborate on Modernizing ZDF’s Streaming Platforms

Fuerth, August 2023 - Axinom, an expert in modern video streaming backends, announces the achievement of significant milestones in the ZDF’s video backend modernization project. The ZDF team and the partner consortium with Axinom, FFW, Condat, and HBT have established strong cooperation incorporating cutting-edge technologies and architectural enhancements to deliver robust, future-proof streaming platforms.

ZDFmediathek has long been a key player in the European streaming landscape, offering its diverse audience a wide array of content. To further elevate its technical capabilities and user experience, ZDFmediathek joined forces with Axinom and the partner consortium, each known for their expertise in digital transformation.

The project has seen monumental progress with successfully migrating the system to a robust cloud architecture, providing enhanced scalability, reliability, and flexibility in resource management. ZDF can operate a highly efficient streaming backend by leveraging the new cloud architecture.

The centralization and redesign of the middleware is an architectural evolution that will empower ZDF to leverage intelligent metadata capabilities for personalization and discovery, delivering tailor-made content recommendations to users. The centralized middleware speeds up development efforts, enabling streamlined updates and improvements for all backend services. The underlying Catalog service, powered by the Axinom Mosaic platform and based on GraphQL, plays a pivotal role in facilitating this functionality, enhancing ZDF’s ability to serve content to various frontends in an efficient manner.

A newly implemented API Federation approach simplifies system maintenance. It optimizes data retrieval by centralizing and standardizing the communication between front-end applications and various backend domains, such as the content feed, personalization, search services, and more. This innovation empowers each front-end to define its scope and talk with one counterpart, eliminating unnecessary noise in responses and ensuring optimal performance.

“We’re proud of the trust placed in us to streamline ZDF backend with an efficient middleware, boosting overall efficiency. The restructured architecture unifies system components, simplifying maintenance and development efforts,” says Stefanie Schuster, CCO, Axinom. “This consolidation sets the stage for future scalability and the seamless integration of diverse brands within a unified ecosystem.”

About ZDF

ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) is Germany’s prominent national public television broadcaster and the largest European TV broadcaster. ZDF also runs various highly successful video-streaming platforms. ZDFmediathek is one of the leading German video portals and a pioneer in this field. The platform offers live, linear, and catch-up, as well as on-demand content with a reach of over 66 million viewers per month. Today, ZDFmediathek is the digital reference of Germany’s most successful TV station, accessible on all relevant playout channels.

About Axinom

Axinom provides software solutions and expertise for content-first platforms. Media, broadcast, and telecommunications organizations worldwide partner with Axinom to solve the complex challenges of preparation, management, protection, and provisioning of premium content.

Axinom’s unique platform, Axinom Mosaic, enables streamlined and tailored development of backends through managed and customizable services. It provides the building blocks covering digital workflows for encoding, content management, security via multi-DRM, and monetization.

Founded in 2001 in Fuerth, Germany, Axinom employs over 110 personnel, with offices located in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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