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Axinom Partners With Friend MTS To Add Forensic Watermarking Into Its Content Protection Ecosystem

Fürth - 31 March 2022Friend MTS , a global video forensic watermarking provider, has partnered with Axinom to provide comprehensive content protection and watermarking solution to the media and OTT industry. The partnership will provide the customers of both companies with end-to-end protection and security of video content.

"Combining the forensic watermarking solutions of Friend MTS with our multi-DRM based content protection will ensure that our customers' premium content is secured throughout across all platforms," says Johannes Jauch, CTO, Axinom.

The combined solution will cover the whole content processing and protection workflow, including encoding, encryption, watermarking, multi-DRM protection, and identification. The partnership will also considerably reduce the time to market for customers looking for comprehensive end-to-end content protection across multiple environments, OTT, broadcast, set-top boxes, etc.

"Forming lasting partnerships along the content distribution value chain allows Friend MTS and our partners to offer easy-to-install video security solutions for our customers. It also gives us new possibilities within the Video Security ecosystem, such as for Enterprise and other video usage applications," says Dennis Scott, Director of Partnerships at Friend MTS. "Our partnership with Axinom combines proven forensic watermarking with multi-DRM for live stream video and video on demand from a fully integrated platform

Friend MTS offers a complete suite of watermarking solutions, including Distribution iD (designed to identify downstream content leaks in distributor’s platforms) and ASiD (Advanced Subscriber Identification). ASiD is the most widely deployed and actively used subscriber-level watermarking globally, securing tens of millions of set-top boxes and OTT players. The solutions secure live and VOD content, including the most-watched sporting events and Hollywood movies. They offer enhanced security across broadcast, managed, and unmanaged OTT devices, apps, and clients regardless of the delivery method’s trust level.

Axinom’s content protection solution contains three independent services - Axinom Encoding, Axinom DRM, and Axinom Entitlement. Axinom Encoding ensures encryption of video content and packaging into adaptive formats. Axinom DRM is a highly scalable multi-DRM service that supports multiple DRM technologies - Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, and Apple FairPlay. At the same time, Axinom Entitlement makes sure that only the right customers get access to the content.

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