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Axinom Offers Expert Solutions to Facilitate Smooth Transition from Retiring Azure Media Services

Fuerth, July 2023 — Axinom, a leading digital solutions provider for the media and entertainment industry, takes pride in revealing its capability to facilitate companies in smoothly transitioning away from Azure Media Services, which are set to retire from June 30, 2024. This seamless transition is made possible through Axinom Mosaic, the flagship product of Axinom, which offers a comprehensive suite of backend services designed exclusively to streamline and manage video workflows, ensuring a future-proof and efficient media management experience.

The recent announcement from Microsoft regarding the shutdown of their Azure Media Services has left many businesses in the media and entertainment industry searching for alternative solutions. With its cloud-agnostic architecture, Axinom offers companies the freedom to migrate their media solutions to Axinom Mosaic without being tied to any specific cloud provider. This includes support for Microsoft Azure, and its ecosystem around storage, computing, and other services.

Axinom Mosaic, the comprehensive modular suite of digital solutions provided by Axinom, includes bespoke media asset management, transcoding and encoding, content delivery, security, metadata management, and much more. By leveraging Axinom’s cutting-edge technology and industry knowledge, clients can seamlessly move away from Azure Media Services while ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimal disruption to their business.

"Our goal is to provide exceptional digital solutions and support to companies needing a smooth transition from retiring Azure Media Services," said Stefanie Schuster, CCO of Axinom. "We understand the challenges companies face in the wake of such a significant transition, and we are here to provide them with a reliable and efficient transition plan. With our comprehensive suite of workflow services in Axinom Mosaic and the possibility to integrate any existing or best-of-breed solution, we can facilitate a seamless migration process for any company looking for a transition."

Axinom’s team of experts will work closely with clients to develop customized transition plans tailored to their specific requirements. By analyzing existing workflows, identifying suitable alternative platforms, and implementing efficient migration strategies, Axinom ensures that clients can seamlessly adapt to the changing media landscape.

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