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Los Angeles, September 2019 - Axinom, a leading software solutions provider in the aerospace industry, announced today the launch of Axinom IFS (In-flight Services). A tailored digital solution that’ll streamline and centralize the management, delivery, and deployment of digital services on-board an aircraft. Axinom IFS consists of all the components required to centrally manage own or third-party digital services, prepare them to be delivered to the aircraft, and the containerized deployment on-board, with accessibility from passenger or crew portals. Axinom IFS will allow for multiple use-cases across IFEC, IoT, integrated crew systems, e-commerce, and much more.

Axinom IFS is an ideal companion for the aviation industry’s digital needs. The digital solution aims to reduce the complexities in the management, delivery, and deployment of data, content, and services on an aircraft. Utilizing standardized architectures, it simplifies and unites the various digital passenger, cabin, and crew systems.

Using Axinom IFS, the operators can safely manage and deploy data and services. Moreover, as the services are encapsulated in docker containers, the hassle of testing and certification is considerably reduced.

“Axinom IFS simplifies the effort required in certifications, as every digital service is containerized and runs in a controlled environment. With our Axinom IFS product, we open avenues to create experiences that benefit the passenger, the crew, and the service providers.” says Ralph Wagner, CEO, Axinom. He adds, “The centralized software infrastructure also gives the freedom to create new business models and generate revenues.”

Axinom IFS gives granular control over the service orchestration, deployment, and resources. It also allows control over various resources such as storage, data communication and access. Users of the system can allocate resources or remove the services as required.

Axinom, with this product launch, is looking forward to provide digital services suppliers and aerospace industry partners the necessary tools to easily manage and integrate digital services and build a variety of business models. Leveraging on Axinom IFS, operators can explore multiple use-cases to build smart systems, as well as unique passenger and crew experiences through numerous integration possibilities.
About Axinom
Axinom provides a unique portfolio of digital products for the aerospace industry. The products cover content management (Axinom CMS), content security (Axinom DRM), data synchronization and delivery (Axinom CDS), and In-flight services (Axinom IFS), to serve many use-cases, such as wireless or seatback IFEC, Live TV, crew services, IoT, and more. Through possibilities of numerous integrations, with any existing services and systems, Axinom solutions also open new avenues for personalization and ancillary revenues.

To know more about Axinom IFS, let us know in the chat to get your copy of the whitepaper or meet our team at the APEX Expo.