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Industry report 2023

State of Content Protection Technology

Access our latest report and get the latest trends in digital rights management and anti-piracy strategies in the streaming industry.

As a leading provider of media and entertainment backend products, including digital rights management, we wanted to gather the industry’s needs and opinions about content security. The State of Content Protection Technology report summarizes the findings of an industry survey carried out by Axinom between March and June 2023.


This report features the insights of mostly C-level managers and engineering professionals working in OTT platforms, with each segment representing 41% of the sample.

Subscriber base

Both new and consolidated platforms participated in the report’s survey. 62% of participants stated having over 1 million subscribers.

Mobetization model

54% of surveyed platforms followed a subscription-based monetization model, while 27% of the participants implemented a hybrid one.

Threats by region
Threats around the world

While content leakage for redistribution is the most common threat globally, it is of particular concern for respondents from Asia, with 90% identifying it as a top threat.

Credential sharing appears to be a bigger threat for respondents from Asia (40%) when compared to North America (25%) and Western Europe (21%).

Additionally, fragmentation of supported platforms/devices/standards is a significant concern for respondents from North America (33%) and Western Europe (47%), whereas only 10% of respondents from Asia consider it a major threat.

Threats by business type
Threat perception

Certain threats affect different business types more significantly. For example, content leakage for redistribution is a major threat for all business types, but broadcasters perceive this threat more seriously, with 63% identifying it as their biggest content security challenge.

The lack of data intelligence on media consumption is perceived as a threat by 30% of OTT platforms and 25% of broadcasters, while the same value for telecoms is only 10%, indicating that telecoms do not view limited data intelligence on media consumption as a significant issue.

The future adopters think slightly different

Some participants plan to use content protection in the future.

Pirate icon

On a scale of 1 to 5, these companies rate piracy as a perceived threat at an average of 2.63, which is lower than the rating of 3.63 given by the companies currently employing DRM.

Security break icon

50% of respondents mentioned two security concerns: VPN/cross-border illegal access to media content and the lack of data intelligence on media consumption.

Fragmentation icon

38% of future DRM users consider the fragmentation of supported platforms, devices, and standards, and the fragmentation of rights across different platforms/services as significant threats.

DRM icon

50% of the companies planning to implement DRM expressed their intention to utilize FairPlay, followed by 38% for both PlayReady and Widevine.

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