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Industry report in collaboration with IABM

State of Content Protection Technology

Access our latest report on the state of content protection technology developed to gather the industry’s needs and opinions about content protection technologies.

As a leading provider of media and entertainment backend products, including digital rights management, we wanted to gather the industry’s needs and opinions about content protection technologies. Therefore we developed the State of Content Protection Technology Report in association with IABM. The report is based on a survey on content protection technology carried out by Axinom in partnership with IABM between July and September 2021.

What’s Inside

In the report, learn about the status of content protection technology, including DRM usage, advancements, trends, technology strategy, and the support of different platforms. It contains the main results of the survey in a data-driven fashion, while the final section provides an overall analysis of content protection trends and investments backed by qualitative research.

DRM Technology Importance & Usage
DRM usage

Most media businesses rate that DRM solutions are extremely important or very important with just 9% saying that they are not important to them at present.

In terms of usage, 48% of research participants said that they use DRM solutions today — OTT platforms were by far the most prominent users of DRM. Most DRM users rely on Fairplay, followed by PlayReady and Widevine.

Marlin and OMA were used less significantly. Moreover, multi-DRM and multi-key solutions were the preference of research participants.

Video Codecs

(supported & planned to support)


In terms of video codecs, most media businesses said they use AVC (91%).

68% said that they currently support HEVC, with 27% more reporting they would do this in the short term.

Codecs such as AV1 and VP9 are only used by a minority of participants.

The least used codecs are VVC and LCEVC, which are also the most recent standards in this area. 30% say that they plan to adopt VVC in the near future.

Content protection trends highlights
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of media businesses are focused on business or consumer-driven trends rather than piracy-driven trends to address content protection.

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of media businesses say that quality of media experiences is the most important trend in content protection.

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of media businesses say that preventing security breaches that lead to content leakages is the most important piracy-driven trend in content protection.

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of OTT platform providers say that supporting highly fragmented platforms/­devices/­standards for a seamless experience is the most important trend in content protection.

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of media businesses say that the pandemic has accelerated the importance of preventing VPN/cross-border illegal access to media content in content protection.

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