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Axinom serves the transportation industry with digital solutions for the management, delivery, deployment, and security of digital services and related content. We offer a range of solutions, customized or standardized, covering all the necessary on-ground and on-board components.

We enable the biggest aviation, bus, and railway organizations to solve complex challenges in bringing entertainment, connectivity, and IoT on-board the vessels.

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Article · 02 Sep 2020
Transferring Securely and Robustly
The data requirements of modern transport vessels are pushing the traditional connectivity channels and transfer systems to their limits. Managing the communication pipes economically, creating robust data sync, managing security, and disconnections are some of the challenges.
Article · 10 Aug 2020
Enabling On-Board Connectivity
How to enable on-board internet connectivity? How to leverage digital technologies to seamlessly stay connected at 30,000 feet in the air or at 300km/h on land with robust connectivity with multiple pipes and vendors?
Article · 07 Jul 2020
Delivering Live in the Air
Discover the nuances of linear television delivery on-board a transport vessel.
Article · 27 Jun 2020
Building intelligent airplane seats with Greiner Aerospace
Axinom enters a join-development agreement with Greiner Aerospace to develop smart seat cushions. The cushions powered by Axinom on-board solutions stay connected to the crew system for easy and predictive maintenance.
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