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Key Topics
Benefits of encoding optimization
Comparisons of video samples with and without optimization
How optimized video encoding makes platforms greener
Encoding optimization
How to start optimizing video encoding with Axinom and VisualOn

Learn the benefits of optimized video encoding! This on-demand webinar features Johannes Jauch, Axinom’s CTO and Co-founder, and Christophe Coquerel, Head of EMEA Application Engineering at Visual On. Watch the webinar to learn how streaming platforms can create more sustainable workflows by optimizing their video encoding.

Why Platforms Need Optimized Video Encoding


Reduced data storage and transfer costs.


Improved user experience with less buffering time.


Greener and more sustainable workflow.

Axinom & VisualOn
Johannes Jauch Portrait
Johannes Jauch

CTO and Co-founder, Axinom

As the head of the technical team, Johannes is responsible for Axinom’s technical vision as well as the methodology for software delivery.

The solutions led by Johannes create value for Axinom customers by employing cutting-edge technologies to design, build, deploy, and operate scalable VOD, OTT, and FAST platforms.

Christophe Coquerel Portrait
Christophe Coquerel

Application Engineer Manager EMEA, VisualOn

Leading the EMEA pre-and post-sales support team at VisualOn for 8 years, Christophe has a deep understanding of the OTT ecosystem and keys to successful OTT services.

In this webinar, Christophe will share his experience with VisualOn’s Optimizer, based on numerous engagements for both VOD and Live, with service providers and operators.

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