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Building Content Management From Scratch

Introducing Axinom Mosaic - Choose, build, and scale your media backend

Since the very beginning, Axinom has focused on solving the growing challenges of digital content, services, and data in the media and transportation industry. Our digital services for media have enabled companies to build amazing solutions such as video streaming platforms that cater to millions of viewers around the world.

In the last two decades, we witnessed online content evolve from simple web images and texts to digital video assets in UHD resolution with multiple formats and intricate metadata. Not to mention the delivery and protection challenges. We also observed how veterans of the M&E industry, as well as new entrants, found it difficult to keep up with the growing complexities in video streaming. Mainly because of a lack of customization prospects, interoperability, and difficulties in integrations and extensibility.

What if there was an easy way to build complex backends? What if companies could choose from an array of services that allowed customization and catered to every step of the media supply chain? What about an option for building, integrating, and deploying bespoke services with a ready-to-use template?

It’s no more a pipe dream, as we are announcing Axinom Mosaic.

Mosaic is the result of our journey to address and simplify digital media workflows for our customers, partners, and developers that creates best-of-the-breed digital solutions.

Choose, Build, and Scale

Companies have always faced the dilemma of buying vs. building. One led to highly bespoke backends lacking interoperability with external systems, and the other posed difficulties while being takeover by internal development teams. Today, viewers demand high quality, personalized experience, not just from content, but from each touchpoint such as sign up, payment, advertising, and more. Hence, organizations need to mix and match best-of-breed services where they can select the missing blocks and build state-of-art backends.

Axinom Mosaic provides both - an array of standard and customizable services and a unified frontend and backend layer with shared communication infrastructure and an API-first design.

Decoupled Inside-Out

Recently, we wrote how a decoupled architecture is most suitable for scalable media applications. As evident, the digital approach is no longer just about delivering content to the devices; now, it involves much more than just mere publishing on a frontend.

Today, all complex media applications contain strong interdependencies between parts of the system, through vital databases and correlations. Hence, the integration of multiple systems without the use of microservices creates irrevocable dependencies, leading to a less than ideal situation for platforms that require extensive maintenance or future extension.

Monolithic backends ususally lack the scalability and expansion that modular systems provide

With Mosaic, we have not only decoupled each complicated backend workflow step in the media supply chain but also the backend from the frontend. We follow a fine-grained microservices approach supported by micro-frontends concept to provide standard interfaces, easy development, integration, and scaling.

API-First by Design

We have also realized how crucial it is to have the framework and services fit together like pieces of puzzle or Lego blocks. Hence, besides the inherent modularity, we have also made sure that you don’t face any barriers with the interoperability and integrations of your chosen services.

Designed as API-first, Mosaic utilizes a very capable technical tool stack

Whether you need automatic asset ingestion, processing, and encryption, or personalized advertising, we have followed a strict API-first approach to help create automation and interfaces. With our supplied APIs, you can integrate all your own or third-party systems while serving multiple platforms and devices.

Building Own Services

We also recognize the need for integrations of existing backend systems and bespoke workflows. Hence, we have developed a base template for companies to build and publish their services, reducing overall costs and efforts in development and integrations.

The provided base template, technology stack, and documentation allow the development of bespoke services. The unified frontend and backend layer ensures that those services integrate with the other services in Axinom Mosaic seamlessly.

What’s Next?

Axinom Mosaic is a major step towards building the next generation of content delivery services. It is the ultimate platform that lets you create awesome media solutions in no time, enabling you to focus on what’s important - creating an unforgettable user experience for your viewers.

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