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A modular digital assets processing, management, and deployment framework for building amazing media and transportation solutions in no time.
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Digital Asset Management Revolutio­nized
Take control of your digital supply chain with a centralized hub for ingesting, managing, packaging, and publishing all types of digital assets and services.

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Service Oriented Inside-Out
Built on the principles of microservices and micro-frontends, Mosaic is an innovative framework with cutting-edge service oriented architecture.
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Freedom to Choose, Buy, or Build
No more high fixed costs and choosing between complex systems. Select what you need, build as expand, and pay as you scale.
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Integrate with API-first Approach
Integrate swiftly with other systems, services, or applications. Our API-first approach allows you to be agile, while assisting with development and collaborations.
Axinom Services
Built for Customization and Development
In a growing market, we understand the need to constantly innovate and evolve.
Hence, we built the Mosaic framework to grow with your growing requirements. It not only meets your need for extension, but also allows for customized development.

Paired with an excellent tool stack, APIs, and a frontend library - you can tailor, build, and integrate unique scalable and extensive applications without any added development headaches.

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Scale and Expand Efficiently
Scale the services as your platform grows. Our modular approach allows you to replicate your services or deploy additional resources on the fly, so that you can grow as your audience becomes larger.
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Decoupled Frontend
Our micro-frontend based architecture decouples the frontend logic from the backend to not only bring a standardized user-experience throughout, but also to build faster, and deploy independently.
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Source Code, Template, and Libraries
We enable you to build your own services and have them running in no time with a source code that is available for you to customize. You also have access to service templates, powerful APIs, and extensive libraries.
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Axinom Mosaic — Decoupled Yet Integrated