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OTT Personalization at Scale

In the last few years, an avalanche of VOD services has entered the OTT industry. In Europe alone, there are over 2000 on-demand services, a study by the European Commission shows, with the UK leading with over 500 services. The mass and niche services are being built for an audience that is very rapidly adopting a cord-free life. In the U.S., one of the largest OTT markets, eMarketer estimates cord-cutters to grow to 55 million by 2022.
VOD service providers are facing burning questions on revenue and customer loyalty in this fierce market that provides a plethora of options and meager switching costs for viewers. For a service to survive, it has to offer superb content, exceptional quality of service, and great experience quality.
Having the best content available is no guarantee of success. It’s how companies offer and display that content in a personalized way is what counts.OTT businesses aiming to go big need to figure out how to effectively offer experiences personalized in terms of content, recommendations, localization (audio tracks and subtitles), subscription plans, and payment methods among others.

“For a service to survive, it has to offer superb content, exceptional quality of service, and great experience quality.”

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Reaching for the Sky

Most OTT services in existence today came to be after FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) and thus have to compete with them. Scalability plays a critical role in this.
A large content library, a big diverse audience or a global outlook needs remodeling of the media asset management, editing, security, and distribution workflows. Companies opting for an off-the-shelf or end-to-end solution for their digital content chain face an issue in scalability and expansion. Mostly owing to their limited personalization potential, and flexibility.
VOD platforms need to think like software providers and utilize modern development technologies that extend the benefit of flexibility and extensibility. The most significant advantage of such an approach is the inherent scalability that comes with that. A planned modular architecture allows for faster development and maintenance cycles, as well as easy deployment, integrations, and high robustness.

Integrate, Extend, and Bundle

Capabilities of Axinom CMS
Capabilities of Axinom CMS.
As the competition intensifies, OTT providers need to think and plan ahead on how to monetize their content and services. New and exciting models defying the traditional approach of competing on your own by yourself are popping up all the time.
More and more VOD providers are combining forces with each other as well as with telco operators. They remerging content packages and user bases to create attractive hard or soft bundles for the viewers. Such efforts have proved to be very successful in APAC. A good example of this is Zee5 - a highly successful global VOD service from India. They have integrated their platform with Airtel, one of the biggest telco in the region, to reach a wider audience.
Such an integrated approach requires a modular backend able to support it. Support for ingesting content from multiple content providers, multiple editor support, customized workflows, recommendation engines, analytics services, and more are not just nice to haves - they are paramount
On the monetization side, support for commonly used VOD revenue models is a must. As is the ability to create customized models through integrations with various payment providers, CRM systems, and advertising engines.
Axinom CMS, with its unique interfaces and services technology, allows unlimited integrations. Be it external content partners or payment providers popular in a certain region. Through Axinom CMS, customers can independently manage and personalize their OTT service for various regions, geographies, and audiences. Our architecture allows OTT providers to integrate other services and systems, extend the system to explore new opportunities, and bundle with other providers.
Automated workflows are available for content ingestion, transcoding, encryption, packaging, metadata management, advertisement insertion, content publishing, pipeline, and storage management among others. Dashboard customization enables personal dashboard creation on a per role or data access basis.
These integrations and automated workflows make for a robust and scalable OTT back-end solution that is perfectly suited for companies looking to launch or scale their VOD and OTT services.
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