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Axinom digital solutions power wireless seatback IFE of a major US carrier

Los Angeles, September 2019 - Axinom, a leading software solutions provider in the aerospace industry, announced that it is supplying the critical software components for the next generation wireless seatback IFEC system (In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity) of one of the largest US carriers. In an industry-leading partnership involving many expert companies, the carrier has become the first in the world to utilize a completely wireless setup for IFE on in-seat devices on new wide-body aircraf
Leveraging on Axinom's product stack of Axinom CMS (Content Management System), Axinom CDS (Content Delivery System), Axinom IFS (In-flight Services), and Axinom DRM (Digital Rights Management), the system covers on-ground, synchronization, and on-board components necessary for delivering IFE content wirelessly to seatback screens. By going wireless, a significant wiring weight and thereby emissions reduction can be realized.
"Axinom is constantly working towards innovative digital solutions for the aerospace market, and our contribution of software components to build this new IFE system has made us an integral part of this pioneering industry partnership. We are extremely proud to be part of this exciting adventure," said Ralph Wagner, CEO of Axinom. "With the new system, the airline industry can benefit from a standardized architecture, bringing autonomy and flexibility in software and hardware components and opening up much potential for future enhancements and further innovations."
Axinom’s solution for wireless seatback IFE consists of all critical software components for ingesting, encoding, protecting, managing, and packaging of content sets, and further publishing, synchronizing, and distributing them to the on-board server and onwards to the seatback screens. The automated on-ground infrastructure allows full control over content management and provision.
Our innovative hybrid storage concept for IFE systems combines server-based and seat-centric to reduce the load on the network by pre-populating the most popular, and early window content on the seatback devices. Furthermore, the devices can take advantage of the pre-cached content and can even operate independently while staying disconnected, as the content is accessible in case of network congestion or malfunctions.
About Axinom
Axinom is an aerospace technology company that combines years of expertise, technology, and innovation to solve complex digital challenges in the aerospace industry. The company is considered a market leader in on-board software & services as well as moving data and content between on-ground and on-board.
Axinom provides a unique portfolio of digital products that serve many use-cases. Use cases such as traditional and wireless IFE, IoT, predictive maintenance, live TV, connectivity portals, crew services, and many more. Our custom solutions can be easily integrated with existing systems and services. These integrations open up new avenues for personalization and ancillary revenues creation.
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