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Fleet Management

Centralize the management and monitoring of your fleet with our digital fleet management solution.

It simplifies the handovers, coordination, communication between fleet managers, vehicles, and drivers in order to streamline your fleet management processes.

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Centralized management

Control the data and digital services assignments to your fleet, location, and journey monitoring and reporting from vehicles through a single interface.

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Easy integration

Easily integrate third-party services to enhance driver experience, operations maintenance, upselling, etc.

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Seamless communication

Streamlines fleet manager and driver communication, handover, and authorizations to ensure the efficient running of the fleet.

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Service Portfolio for Fleet Management
Axinom Content Set service logo

Delivery Set Service

Data, software package management, and configuration.

Axinom Fleet service logo


Target content sets, data, and service packages to a vessel or fleet of vessels.

Axinom Sync service logo


Securely synchronize content and service data between on-ground and on-board servers with standardized protocols and channels.

Axinom On-Board Cloud service logo

On-Board Cloud

Manage, deploy, and integrate software services and content on-board a transport vessel.

How it Works
Axinom Fleet Management
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